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Participation and User Rights

The MAR-ECO International Steering Group has agreed on rules for the user- and access rights to MAR-ECO material and data. The presented document also contains rules for participation in the project.

All MAR-ECO participants should feel that they have a fair chance to produce good results resulting ultimately in published papers or theses. The rules shall foster collaboration but also reduce the risk of conflict or disappointment. Further, in order to reduce delays in publishing, there is a rule expressing that results should be submitted for publication within a certain time.

The number of MAR-ECO participants is increasing. As new collaborations arise, new members will be added to the participant list, and continuous revision will be needed.


MAR-ECO-Participants-and-roles.xls Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
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02 Feb 2007 14:14
Rules-for-participation-and-data.doc Microsoft Word Document
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02 Feb 2007 14:14
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