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South Atlantic MAR-ECO
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South Atlantic MAR-ECO Progress Report

Dr Angel Perez

The South Atlantic  Steering Group is chaired by Dr Angel Perez (CTTMar, University of  Vale do Itajaí, Brazil). Dr Perez participated at the MAR-ECO International Steering Group Meeting and the MAR-ECO Project Workshop in Reykjavik, 28-29 September 2007. Dr. Perez reported on the status and progress of the South Atlantic MAR-ECO.

The South Atlantic MAR-ECO is making progress in the direction of building a formal field proposal and raising funds for this proposal. In the next two-year funding round, a portion of the grant to MAR-ECO has been dedicated to further South Atlantic activity. But the crucial issue is commitments of ship-time and further resources for research at sea.


Download Presentation on SA MAR-ECO by A Perez
Download Progress Report on SA MAR-ECO 30 Sept 2007


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