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South Atlantic MAR-ECO Workshop, Uruguay

South Atlantic MAR-ECO project workshop, 14-15 June 2008 SA MAR-ECO

A project planning meeting for the South Atlantic MAR-ECO will be held in Piriápolis, Uruguay, 14-15 June 2008. The meeting will be led by Dr José Angel A. Perez (Brazil), leader of the SA MAR-ECO Steering Group and hosted by Dr Pablo Muniz Maciel, Universidad de la República, Uruguay. 

The key aims for the meeting are:
  • To conclude the theme proposals
  • To develop a comprehensive SA MAR-ECO science & field proposal
  • To strengthen collaborative work and funding/ shiptime initiatives

The meeting is an internal project gathering and participation is by invitation only. 

The South Atlantic MAR-ECO Steering Group
·         Dr. José Angel Alvarez Perez Universidade do Vale do Itajaí – Brazil
·         Dr. Débora Pires Museu Nacional, UFRJ, Brazil
·         Dr. Pablo Muniz Maciel Universidad de la República – Uruguay
·         Dr. Viviana Alder Instituto Antártico Argentino - Argentina
·         Dr. Ricardo Serrão Santos Universidade dos Açores – Portugal
·         Dr. Yohann Augustin South Africa Department of Marine and Coastal Management – South Africa
·         Dr. Malcolm Clark NIWA – New Zealand 

The South Atlantic MAR-ECO Working Groups and PIs:
·         Zooplankton: Dr. Luiz Fernando Loureiro (Brazil)
·         Pelagic Nekton: Dr. Mônica Muelbert (Brazil)
·         Demersal Nekton: Dr. Tatiana Leite (Brazil)
·         Macrobenthos: Dr. Débora Pires (Brazil)
·         Microbiology: Dr. Leonardo Rubi Rorig (Brazil)
·         Environment: Dr. José Henrique Muelbert (Brazil)
·          Data mining: Dr. José Angel A. Perez (Brazil)
·         Sampling technology and funding: Dr. José Angel A. Perez





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