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/* This is the default style sheet used by the Gallery when it is running as a standalone product. If you would like to customize the styles please create copy of this file called "standalone_style.css" (same name without ".default") If that file is found in this directory it will be used instead of this one. Some of the styles below are overriden by specific album properties. These are noted. NOTE: When Gallery is running standalone it still loads embedded_style as a baseline, but you can override those settings here. $Id: standalone_style.css.default,v 1.6 2003/09/09 12:15:20 beckettmw Exp $ */ /* link colors - overridden by the album 'linkcolor' property. */ A:link, A:visited, A:active { color: #333366; } A:hover { color: #336666; } /* default text styles - background and colors overriden by album 'bgcolor', 'background', and 'textcolor' properties. */ BODY { background-color: #BBCCAA; color: #000000; } TD, P { color: #000000; }
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